Kitting and Display Builds

Kitting and Display Builds

Fewer steps in the chain mean fewer costs out of pocket. Moran will help get your product ready for retail right on-site.

Kitting, Assembly and Display Services

When your 3PL can handle kitting and display builds for you, that’s one less step in your supply chain and one less vendor to manage. Warehouse your product with us, and we’ll get it ready for its retail destination.

From building end aisle displays to bundling and wrapping orders, Moran will save your company space, time and labor. Utilizing our resources instead of your own or those of a copacking company also saves you valuable capital and transportation costs. It’s a value-added service that adds up to reduced material handling, less cost to you and the opportunity to get your products to market sooner.

Consider us your warehouse distribution hub, your factory annex or an extension of your manufacturing floor. We're whatever you need us to be.

Value-Added Services

We turn problems into opportunities. As we work together and have conversations about your business and goals, we’ll find innovative ways to solve problems, save money, and maximize every opportunity.