Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

As a Tier 1 WMS provider, we’re industry leaders in full supply chain functionality. We believe that even the most complex business processes are beasts to be tamed, and we’ve invested in the Korber Supply Chain Warehouse Management System to help us do just that.

Cutting Edge WMS Technology

Got numbers on your mind? You can access your inventory online, with real-time accuracy, any time of the day or night. If you need a plan for seasonal upswings, special promotions, or products with a short lifecycle, our WMS is the key to making strategic slotting and short-term inventory more accurate and efficient. And the cost savings that come from a fully integrated inbound/outbound process management solution? We pass that on to you.

How Compatible Is It?

You will work with a dedicated team to make the integration of your inventory systems and our WMS as seamless as possible.

When you partner with Moran Logistics, we immediately start the integration process. You will work with a dedicated team to make the integration of your inventory and ERP systems with our WMS as seamless as possible. And we know how important it is to be connected to your financials, so our goal is to create the integration that gives you the clarity you want.

Benefits of the Korber Supply Chain WMS

The Moran Logistics Korber Supply Chain WMS features include all of the following functions and more:

  • Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Replenishing
  • Order estimation and scheduling
  • Picking to order
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking
  • Reporting requirements
  • Billing and invoice processing
  • Kitting and process flow
  • Information access on demand via online customer portal

Does your business require your 3PL to utilize your company's system? This is not a problem at Moran Logistics as our team is proficient in working with many different systems and we are not adverse to using your's if that is the most efficient way to get the job done.