Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Does your 3PL think -- and more importantly act -- outside the box to help you solve challenges and enhance your business? Do they create new services such as embroidery, assembly and display services to meet your needs? Will they build a facility that is customized to your unique operation?

If your 3PL is Moran, then the answer is YES! As an asset-based company, we can provide individualized solutions, offer competitive rates, and create efficiencies that will effectively impact your bottom line. We can shorten your supply chain, reduce your handling fees, and pass the savings back to you.

Have a problem? We’ll find the solution. When we discover areas where we feel there might be an opportunity to create more efficiency, we’ll find innovative ways to solve problems and pass the savings on to you. If we don’t have a service you need, we’ll create it. We’ll do whatever it takes.

Value-added services include, but are in no way limited to:


Pick and Pack
Quality Assurance and Retail Specifications
Reverse Logistics
Vendor Routing Guides

Value-Added Services

We turn problems into opportunities. As we work together and have conversations about your business and goals, we’ll find innovative ways to solve problems, save money, and maximize every opportunity.