Indoor Rail

Indoor Rail

Central PA’s largest and most modern indoor rail services.

What can indoor rail service do for you? It means your commodities will have an extra layer of protection, both from the environment and other unknowns. And that means less risk to the products you entrust to our care. Do you deal in paper? Delicate materials? Perishables? Limiting exposure to the elements can make a huge difference in your bottom line…and how you sleep at night. 

We have provided transloading services for decades. This service could save you valuable time and money.

Several of Moran’s facilities offer indoor rail access, which allows up to 15 rail cars to be loaded or unloaded in a sheltered, monitored environment. Transportation is provided by the Norfolk Southern Main Line or the North Shore Line. We have rail sidings capable of:

  • Williamsport: 11 spots (plus a storage yard of 30 spots on our side track)
  • Watsontown: 26 spots (plus a storage yard of 28 spots on our side track)
  • Mechanicsburg: 25 spots
  • Gettysburg: 18 spots

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