The distribution capabilities at Moran are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize your stress when it comes to managing your supply chain. Our experience with major retailers gives us the know-how needed to keep order processing smooth and deliveries on time, essentially turning potential supply chain issues into supply chain solutions.

Cost-effective Distribution

Our one-source service means cost-effective distribution of your products to their intended destination. To reduce high destination labor costs, Moran can pick and pack the items needed to fill your customers’ specific orders. Quick and efficient consolidation makes hassle-free direct shipping easy. 

Your merchandise will be housed under the watchful eye of our world class inventory management software, and you’ll have 24-hour access to your account so you can monitor your inventory in real time.

Prime Location

Just minutes from ten different LTL carriers and strategically located right off Pennsylvania’s major highways, Moran is ideally positioned to provide the reliable and immediate delivery you need. 

See how The Intersection sets us apart.

A Sea Change in Transportation Routes & Logistics

Manufacturing products in Asia has many benefits, from low costs to high outputs. But there’s always been a major drawback: shipping. Has the Panama Canal Expansion changed all that?



We have the knowledge and experience to maximize Just-In-Time inventory. Our expertise helps our clients avoid lost sales due to stockouts and wasted capital from overstocks.