The Intersection

The Intersection

Moran Logistics is headquartered at the intersection of the major east/west and north/south highways in Pennsylvania—U.S. Route 15 and Interstate 80. We also have warehousing facilities where the east/west highway Interstate 76 intersects U.S. Route 15 and Interstate 81, connecting to major Pennsylvania markets in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Warehousing in Pennsylvania

Our prime location at the intersection of Pennsylvania’s major highways gets your product to 60% of the population of North America within 8 hours, allowing your customers to get hands-on in a hurry. Plus, our proximity to the major shipping ports of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore make it convenient to get your container shipments to our facilities. The Panama Canal expansion makes access to these ports increasingly attractive, saving you costs and time to market.

While we are a short distance from other Pennsylvania warehousing centers such as Harrisburg, Allentown and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, the available workforce and comparable costs allow us to provide significant savings to you with no compromise in delivery times.

This location for our Pennsylvania warehousing facilities means your product will be centrally located within a short three-hour drive of cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.